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MATS 2017

Louisville, March 2017Lightweight solutions help to reduce the weight of the vehicle • Integrated axial damping in the Air Damping System for trailers • ConSnap system saves 0.5 kg at the air springs

Whether for trucks or trailers, ContiTech is a specialist in air springs, making an impression with its high degree of reliability, innovative solutions and sustainability. The company’s expertise helps to reduce weight in the vehicle and allows for greater safety and comfort. In development, ContiTech benefits from synergies within the Continental Corporation and its innovative strength as a global player. ContiTech will be showcasing its smart products and services at the Mid-America Trucking Show (booth 18217) from March 23 to 25, 2017, with a strong focus on sales for customers in North America.

Protection of other components and freight

Shock absorbers are components that are subject to wear in trailers due to their function. Here, the Air Damping System from ContiTech offers a crucial advantage. “As well as the suspension function, the system is also responsible for damping and can therefore be used to replace shock absorbers altogether,” says Diethelm Bauch, head of the Commercial Vehicles Original Equipment segment. The Air Spring System specially developed for trailers enables the effective and reliable damping of the chassis over its entire service life. Breakdowns caused by faulty or worn shock absorbers can be avoided, freight is given optimum protection and the durability of the trailer components is increased. The air spring system also helps protect the environment by eliminating oil leaks and reducing the weight of the vehicle – therefore lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

ContiTech Air Springs Increase Service Life and Reduce the Weight of Trucks and Trailers

Innovative solutions: ContiTech air springs for trucks and trailers impress with their high degree of reliability and sustainability.

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ConSnap metal ring reduces weight and costs

The ConSnap system also significantly reduces the weight of trailer air springs. The special feature here is that the air springs are held in place by an open metal ring instead of a lower clamping plate and a threaded rod. The ring is inserted in a keyway on the piston, where it ensures maximum pull-off force between the air bellows and the roller piston. Up to 0.5 kg of weight is saved per air spring. At the same time, significantly fewer components and materials are used for the ConSnap system. This is also an added benefit for customers in the trailer sector as ContiTech transfers the resulting cost savings to them.

In practical use, ConSnap offers impressive levels of reliability and robustness. No adjustments need to be made to the vehicle interfaces during installation, meaning that the air springs can be installed at no additional expense.

Lightweight thanks to polyamide pistons

In trucks, too, the trend is toward weight reduction, with the aim of reducing fuel consumption and increasing loading capacities. By using components made of polyamide instead of steel or aluminum, ContiTech has been able to further reduce the weight of its air springs. The company is taking on a pioneering role with the development of the polyamide piston with a fully usable inner volume, for example. Compared with steel components, the weight of the vehicle can be reduced by 12 kilograms per axle. The excellent corrosion resistance and durability of the polyamide pistons also increases the resale value of vehicles. “We specialize in developing reliable yet cost-efficient solutions for mechanically demanding truck applications, too,” explains Bauch.

Original quality for the replacement market

In the replacement market, ContiTech air springs represent original quality, benefiting from the knowledge and technical expertise of the original equipment for which they are produced and supplied. The OE program includes references for buses and passenger cars as well as trailers. Customers in the replacement market are benefiting from the development expertise that ContiTech has built up in close collaboration with manufacturers and applies to new product solutions.


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